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Both events show the high degree of fault tolerance built into slot machines and slot club systems. The first event occurred at Red Rock Casino on Wednesday. I was just a few thousand points short of achieving President level in the Station Casinos Boarding Pass slot club. It was 6x points on video poker for My Generation (50+) members and Red Rock has NSUD, so I could climb up to the President level with a small (0.3%) advantage. I kept an eye on my session points as I played so I would know when I had enough points to get my new cards. At some point after I was a few hundred points short, the session point display changed from the number of points to "No System Link." "Great," I thought. Something is wrong with reporting my play to the slot club system on my machine. I looked at the machine next to me and it also said, "No System Link." The problem was more widespread than just my machine. Maybe something happened with the communications from the bank of machines where I was playing to the slot club software. At Station Casinos, instead of having a dedicated panel to interact with the slot club system on video machines, the slot club menus take over part of the screen, squishing the normal display so the slot club menu panel can be displayed on the left of the screen. I opened the slot club panel on my machine and, instead of the usual menu, it displayed a message saying that even though the system link was down, I could still continue to play and earn points.

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If you agree, you can do as I did and send an email to your state's gaming commission and tell them that you think your choices should determine the outcome anytime a slot machine has a picking feature. Question: Does a slot pay more jackpots if the jackpot is lower? Does a Double Diamond jackpot of 2400 pay out more frequently than a 5 Times Pay jackpot of 10,000? Are machines programmed by jackpots or by something else? Answer: The answer to your first question is definitely maybe. Let's answer your second question to find out why. How frequently a slot hits any winning combination is determined by the number of times each symbol appears on each reel. The more times a symbol appears on the reels, the more frequently a winning combination using that symbol will hit. The slot mathematicians take into account how frequently every winning combination hits when they lay out the reels and calculate the long-term payback. Let's say we have the two machines in your question and each has a long-term payback of 95%. The Double Diamond machine could pay its jackpot four times as frequently as the 5 Times Pay machine and the rest of the winning combinations on each machine contribute the same amount to the long-term payback for both machines to have the same long-term payback.

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