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Todays casinos would never advertise such banditry; if they did, they wouldnt last long. Players want to have some shot at winning. Even the tightest of todays machines usually come in with at least an 83 percent payback return. Most actually come in around 88 to 94 percent. Todays machines are also far more diverse and entertaining. With video machines all manner of adventures can exist for slot players, from television and movie-themed machines to superstar and cartoon-character machines. So who should we thank as the magi who created the slot machine universe? That person would be Charles Fey, who invented the Liberty Bell machine. This machine became the standard for all slot machines when it was first developed right up until the modern computer machines. Still slot machines do the same things generation after generation: You put your money in and you hope more money (or candy or cigars) will come out.

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